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    Many Thanks to the companies who have donated Raffle prizes to the Group.

    The following companies have donated raffle prizes to the group.

    Complimentary Admission (2 Adults & 2 Children) - Northumberland Country Zoo - 


    4 Free Class Tickets - Dance City -


    Free Entry (2 Adults & 2 Children) - Adventure Valley -


    Family Pass (2 Adults & 3 Children) - Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens -


    Family Day Pass - (2 Adults & 4 Children) - Howick Hall Gardens -


    Cullercoats to Whitley Bay Treasure Trail (Worth £6.99) - Treasure Trails -


    £30 Intu Voucher - Eldon Square -


    £50 Voucher - Experience Days -


    Home Barista Training Course - Pumphrey's Coffee -



    A call for Help Please....

    A call for Help Please....

    We have been made aware of a family with young children who have had to relocate at very short notice to the area. They are currently in Newcastle due to a family member receiving medical treatment at the Freeman Hospital. One of the team members from the Freeman has approached us with the above request.

    If you can help in any way with donation of the above items for the boys, please contact Jeanette Welch on 07984881709, or bring your items along next Friday to the church hall.

    Thank you for your help in advance.

    The Leaders.


    Blyth Beach Trip

    Beavers, Cubs & Scouts enjoyed the trip to Blyth Beach.

    We collected rubbish for part of the Water Aid badge, and then shells, seaweed and beach bits for the Beavers collage competition.

    There was a sandcastle building competition!




    Team Games!  

    A great morning out!


    JOTT 2018 at Kielder

    We had a wonderful day up at Kielder. The Beavers, Cubs & Scouts enjoyed:

    Bell Boating on the water and taking a trip across the Lake, followed by games in the woods!

    A picnic lunch, then walking around to the Birds of Prey Centre.


    They all got the opportunity to hold an owl and play some games with the birds! 


        We all had the opportunity to see the birds in flight, and learn more about them! 

    Please see the Gallery for all the images of the day - more will be added by the Leaders over the coming days. 

    We hope you all had a lovely day. 

    The Leaders 


    Group Sport Relief Night

    We enjoyed a whole group night for Sport Relief. The group was split up into mixed ages and they did different activities. Everyone had fun and did well in their tasks! Thank you for all your donations to Sports Relief! 


    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Top Awards Presentation

    Congratulations to 4 of our Cubs & Scouts who attended the county award ceremony today and received their certificate's for their top awards.


    Rover 100 Challenge

    When a scout comes to the end of their time at the group, they have the option to join Explorers (14-18), then network (18-25). These older sections are known as 'rovers'.

    2018 marks 100 years of rover scouting, so this year UK Network are taking part in challenges to celebrate this and remind us of the values rover scouting was founded on.

    January's challenge is to collect as many items as possible for a local food bank, and Newcastle Network have chosen Connect 25  to donate our items to.

    Connect25 Foodbank is based in Byker but supports people all over Newcastle. They are a group of volunteers delivering donations to the needy, believing that way is more dignified than people coming and queuing at a regular foodbank.

    We've set our sights on getting at least 100 items together, so I'm asking as many people as possible for donations of food to help with this!

    The things they have particularly asked for are:



    Long life milk

    Cooking sauces

    Spread (i.e. jam, chocolate spread etc.)

    Tinned meat


    Other things that they require are items with long dates, pasta, baked beans, dilute juice, tea, coffee.

    If you could check your cupboards for spare/unwanted stuff? Possibly add a couple of items to your weekly shop?

    Every donation wold be greatly appreciated, if they could be brought to a normal 82nd meeting and I'll take them to the foodbank.


    Many thanks in advance,


    Assistant Scout Leader



    Final arrangements for camp

    Please click on the event Group Camp for final information about our Group Camp. Kit lists are included for information, but please feel free to ask any questions on Friday evening. 


    The Leaders 


    BBQ and AGM

    We had an excellent night on Saturday for the AGM and BBQ. Thank you to all who helped with the set up, raffle organisation, cake donations, doing the BBQ, organising the food and shopping, and manning the stalls! It was the speediest AGM we've ever held, and plenty of time was left for enjoying the food!


    Easter Show Time - 80 Years in the making

    If you're looking for something to do during the Easter Holidays then here is a suggestion.

    The Newcastle Gang Show is an annual Family Variety show put on by Scouts in the local area.

    Full of singing, dancing & comedy, the Newcastle Gang Show is 80 Years old this year making it the oldest running show of it's kind in the world.

    We will be performing at the Peoples Theatre in Heaton from Tuesday 18th April to Saturday 22nd April.

    Tickets details can be found here





    We're Back!

    Happy New Year to everyone!

    The scouts kicked off the new year by making themselves into the Robin Hoods and Katniss Everdeens of the 82nd for a night, making bows and arrows.

    Even some of the leaders joined in!

    Jake archerArchers!

    We also had some investitures to do at the end...

    Investitures More investitures


    Unwanted Christmas Presents


    As Christmas is now out of the way we were wondering if anyone had any unwanted Christmas gifts that could be used as prizes for our raffles throughout the next year at the group.

    The raffles help the group raise funds to supplement cost of camping, buying resources for activities & badges.

    If you have any donations, please bring them along to the group.


    Thank You




    Local Knowledge Trip Through Town

    The Cubs and Scouts completed the Wor Jackie Treasure trail and visited the Castle Keep and Discovery Museum.


    In doing so they completed both Local Knowledge and Scientist badges


    img-20161206-wa0000 img-20161206-wa0005


    Bouncy Bouncy Cubs and Scouts

    A joint activity with the Cubs and Scouts at Extreme Trampoline on the West Road.

    20161202_190623 20161202_190921 20161202_192033 20161202_193416 20161202_193512 20161202_193540 20161202_194053 20161202_195134 20161202_195438 20161202_195657 bestphoto_20161202_190811_1


    Remember remember the 5th November

    The Scouts recreated Guy Fawkes night by making a mini bonfire.

    We cut kindling and used flint & steel to light the bonfire.


    img_2631 img_2633




    County Badge Weekend

    County Badge Weekend was attended by four Scouts who achieved their Time on the Water staged badge.

    The Scouts completed, bellboating, kayaking, raft building and canoeing over two days with some Halloween activities on Friday evening and movie night on Saturday evening.

    We had an amazing weekend, learning new skills, meeting new people and spending some time on and in the water.

    img_2575 img_2594 img_2592 img_2571 img_2554 img_2561


    JOTA - Jamboree on the Air

    Six Cubs & two Scouts to part in the annual JOTA activity at House on the Hill.


    Whilst learning about amateur radio and how to use it they managed to converse with people in Portugal, Holland, Italy and Sunderland!


    20161015_102727 20161015_102736 20161015_114713


    Outer Space, Team work & Creative Designs


    The Scouts learnt about pressure in outer space. We used syringes and marshmallows to demonstrate what would happen if the astronauts did not wear their spacesuit.

    We put marshmallows inside the syringe, when the pressure was increased the marshmallow expanded to the volume of the syringe. When pressure decreased, the marshmallow shrunk.

    The Scouts then played a team work game, each joining hands and having to move a hoola hoop from one Scout to another! We finished with 'in the dark' bowling, using only glow sticks as lighting, which was harder than it looked!

    The Scouts also designed their own Henna tattoo's. This is part of Our World Challenge Badge


    marshmallow5 bowling marshmallow-6 magnus






    Basketball - Eagles Win & so do we!

    Friday night saw us all off to the basketball to see the most successful sports team in the city!

    Not only did the Eagles maintain their unbeaten start to the new season but we made a total of £226.91 from the Bucket collections and Tombola.

    And if that's not all the Eagles have donated a signed ball and two sets of four tickets for future matches which will be raffled off at the Thanks Event on Friday.

    A great night was had with everyone enjoying the match and getting our photo taken with the team afterwards.





    Badges activities, Copycat games & Investitures...

    The Scouts saw how much fun the Cubs were having on Friday night and wanted a try of the skittles game!

    The Scouts also spelt out 'Scout' using everyday objects, themselves and many glow sticks, achieving tasks in the Photography and World Challenge Badge.

    We also invested a new assistant leader, Mark Jobson, who has promised great things (and lots of cups of tea) in the Scout nights...


    file file-1 file-2


    Welcome Back!

    Welcome back, we hope everyone has had a lovely summer break and looking forward to another great year. Beavers, Cubs &  Scouts start back on Friday 9th September, as always subs are due at the beginning of term, can we ask that these are paid promptly within the first four weeks of the term. Subs are £24 for the first child, £20 for second and £16 for third child and cheques need to be made payable to "82nd Newcastle Scout Group" with the name of your child/ren on the reverse.

    On Saturday 17th September we are holding our annual Barbeque in the church gardens 4pm - 8pm, tickets will be available on our first night back, go to the website for details of the ticket prices. This year we are incorporating our McMillan Coffee evening into the Barbeque so we will be asking for donations of cakes etc for a stall to be sold in aid of Macmillan.

    ​There is a County Badge weekend at Kielder, 28th - 30th September for Scouts only, this will ​be a water based activities weekend, working towards some water based activity badges. The cost for the this weekend is £70 which covers indoor accommodation, food and instructors. Places are likely to be limited so if your child would like to attend please let us know and we will need the full payment to book a place.

    We are now using our group website to promote and advertise events etc for the group and each section throughout the year. All forms and information will be able to be found on the website and we will regularly update with photos and blogs from each section. Please make a note of the website address and check regularly for updates and information"


    Group Scout Leader

    82nd Newcastle Scout Group


    Murder Mystery Walk @ Wylam

    It was a stormy night when the Cubs and Scout set out to solve a murder in Wylam.....

    20160624_183206 20160624_191609 20160624_210829 IMG-20160701-WA0000



    Today we spent our annual Jamboree on the Trail exploring Belsay Hall. We all had a lovely time and enjoyed exploring both the hall and the castle. We hope everyone had a lovely day with lovely weather.

    More photos available to see on our JOTT Gallery 













    Part Of the Gang!

    Members of the 82nd Newcastle Scout Group took part in this years Newcastle Gang Show.


    A show exclusively produced and staring Scouts and Guides from across the local area the Show was on at the Peoples Theatre for a week at the end of March, beginning of April.


    Rehearsals started in January and photo's from rehearsals can be found in the gallery section of the website.


    20160330_201241 20160330_201253 20160330_201254 20160330_201313 20160401_201041 20160401_201042 20160401_205825











    Scouts trip to Circus Central

    On 22nd May, the Scouts and Jigsaw Scouts went to Circus Central in Shieldfield to spend an evening learning and developing new skills. We had an absolutely great time, and many of the Scouts said they wanted to do more classes there (info at the Circus Central website!) The three different "zones" we tried were aerial, acrobatics and skills (such as juggling, diablo, hula-hooping and more!)

    More photos are available in the gallery.


    Dangling upside-down and swinging around on the specially rigged Circus Central aerial equipment. Lots of the Scout were keen to give this a go!

    11256111_10153848820911679_1171831736_n      11349021_10153848820886679_51517501_n


    A group of us had a go at tuck jumps, somersaults and more from a small sprint trampoline. Everyone who gave it a go managed to improve throughout the night.

    20150522_204410    20150522_211235

    Other skills

    This is where a few Scouts and many of the leaders chose to stay. We had great fun trying to learn to juggle, and although we weren't all successful, we certainly gave it a go! We even did some diablo and hula-hooping

    11351893_10153848819311679_1171752798_n     20150522_21175920150522_201813     20150522_203349


    Jamboree on the Trail 2015

    Well after a dubious start with the weather, we enjoyed our Lookwide Walk for our annual Jamboree on the Trail. This walk retraced the steps to the very first Scout camp undertaken by Baden Powell in 1908.


    The cubs especially enjoyed celebrating James' 10th birthday with cake at the top and Kate was invested by Jennifer into the Cub section... welcome to the 82nd!


    Having all renewed our promises, we were all awarded our JOTT 18 badge by Carol.


    And enjoyed a slightly speedier downhill walk back to the car park!


    Hope you have now all warmed up!!


    Scouts do more teamwork - but this time its harder!

    On the 8th May, the Scouts furthered their teamwork skills and all earned their teamwork challenge badge. This is part of the new set of Scout badges, and required them to explain their individual role within the team. Well done to everyone who did this on that night, and there are many other Scouts who are also nearly able to achieve this badge!

    First the Scouts had to lower a bamboo cane which is resting on ALL of their index fingers to the ground without it leaving any of their fingers. This proved quite challenging: only one Patrol managed it successfully, even a team of leaders and young leaders couldn't do it!

    20150508_205203 20150508_205159 20150508_205153

    Next they had to all step over the finish line at exactly the same time, which was fine after a few attempts, until the line became wiggly and they had to actually take a run up to it! This required a lot of coordination, and several Patrols resorted to counting their steps and rehearsing!

    20150508_211745 20150508_21181020150508_211949

    Then the Scouts had to count to 20 in their Patrol, but not in a set order - just random people calling the numbers. This was very frustrating as if two people called or there was too long of a gap, they had to start again. It took a lot of patience and eye contact, before they realised that agreeing on a certain order would get the task done

    20150508_205229 20150508_205222 20150508_211854

    Finally, the scouts were tasked with making a tower out of straws, newspaper and cellotape which could hold an egg at the top. This didn't work so well, as everyone wanted to do their own thing!

    20150508_205147 20150508_205133


    Courtney goes to Windsor!

    On Sunday 26th April 2015, Courtney, and Assistant Scout Leader, went to Windsor to officially collect his Queen's Scout Award. Courtney has worked very hard to complete all the requirements for his QSA, and there aren't many Queen's Scouts in the UK, so we are very proud to have him in our group. In the picture below, Courtney is seen in our "old gold" colour group neckerchief:

    Courtney at Windsor

    The St. George's day Sunday is traditionally when a lot of awards are given out to Adults in Scouting and Bear Grylls, our Chief Scout, was also at the celebration.

    On behalf of everyone at 82nd Newcastle Scout Group, I would like to say a very big congratulations to Courtney!!



    Scouts learn about teamwork

    On Friday 24th April, the Scouts and Jigsaw Scouts were working together to develop their teamwork skills. Often we do this in Patrols, but this week we mixed in together so we could work with people who we don't often work with.

    First we played Lighthouse/Ship/Rocks, which turned out to be fun for both the Scouts and the Leaders!

    20150424_213007   20150424_205224


    20150424_210502                20150424_210135


    We also did some other activities which involved clear communication, and demonstrated how important that is for teamwork.

    20150424_205356                   20150424_205438

    Altogether it was a fun night (planned for us by two of our young leaders!) and it was good to continue the integration of Jigsaw Scouts.


    Scouts celebrate Holi



    This evening the Scouts have been learning about Holi, the festival of colour and of love. To celebrate, we played Kabaddi (a tradition Indian game) and tie-dying head scarves. We also wanted to take part in the tradition of throwing powdered paint at each other, but this wasn't really going to work inside, so we threw coloured confetti instead!

    A big thank you to all the leaders who helped clean up after us, especially to Joe for planning and running the night.IMG_1964


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